Everyday is a New Beginning.....

Who We Are

iLiving Academy is a natural extension of the work we’ve been doing since 2005 in Hong Kong, resourcing, empowering and inspiring a discerning and cosmopolitan community in becoming the BEST version of themselves.

In Hong Kong we have a wellness and transformation-focused practice with a health product store and activity space, and we are known as iLiving/iLivingHK. 

The Meaning of Our Name


The name “iLiving” refers to our first company since 2005 “Integrative-Living”.

The “I” means “integral”, “international” and “integrative”.

INTEGRAL: we are about “growth” and becoming whole. We see healing and self actualisation as becoming whole and coming home to one’s self.

We strive to operate from the highest level of integrity - being truthful, honest and doing things in a complete manner makes us feel good. 

INTERNATIONAL: we see our world as one connected whole, and every human being equal, deserving same respect, regardless of their outer label from their race, gender, gender identification, spiritual faith, social status etc. This has always been our value from day one.

INTEGRATIVE: we use multiple tools with a systemic approach, addressing the multi-dimensional nature of human existence. Our clients have let us know that our unique approach is the main reason why the results we facilitate with them are often faster and greater.

Our Mission

In 2005 with Integrative-Living, we were born out of deep calling to relieve suffering and facilitate true healing. 

We have experienced and believe true healing IS transformation, in which the symptom/challenge is no longer needed.

Now in 2020, we feel it is especially a critical time for us to step up and to help support individual and collective healing and  transformation.

We understand very well new beginnings can very much look and feel like an uncomfortable ending. We have experienced it many times on the personal and organisational levels. Supporting TRANSFORMATION and RENEWAL on multiple levels is our expertise - we do not pretend to know everything. But we have found keeping a learner's mind and heart is critical to a successful TRANSFORMATION.



By “transformation” we mean an irreversible change – like the caterpillar has to completely break down to become the butterfly, or like we need to leave the mother’s womb to be born; in both cases, there is no going back.

Often in life we feel as though we are “forced” to transform by unexpected circumstances.

At iLiving Academy we believe can go through this process easier if we know how to resource ourselves to do so and are conscious with the process.

Do you want to walk with us together?

About our Founder

What Others Say

Jennifer Lee

The first time I met Anita, I immediately felt a sense of security – someone I know I can rely on to work with me, on me. I love the gentle, but yet firm approach Anita took which led me to discover a lot about myself (and I thought I knew about myself)…Anita, your beautiful soul will always be my beacon!

Partner of legal firm


Suzanne S.

10 days after our session, I closed a 2 mil Euro deal naturally and almost effortlessly, much quicker than I even dared to expect!

Business consultant, entrepreneur


Maria Gutierrez

Anita is an exceptionally gifted healing professional who has found her calling, which is to enable her clients to live their highest potentials… She is incredibly perceptive, compassionate, non-judgmental and truly ‘present’…Her wisdom and insight enable her to see beyond the surface, and when combined with the innovative use of various techniques, allow the root cause of an issue to be addressed quickly and profound shifts to occur….

Senior corporate attorney

Hong Kong

"New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings."

- Lao Tzu

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