Guided Sound Bath Meditation

Cleanse and Harmonise with Sound and Conscious Intention

Guided Sound Bath Meditation

Relax & Recharge in less than an hour

Do you want to improve your sleep, your concentration, mood, and presence?

Do you know the benefits of meditation but find it hard to practise?

What if you can recharge and energise, achieve effect of a very deep meditation and also effect of a self hypnosis in releasing old patterns and installing more supportive beliefs all under one hour?

With all that is going on in the world, and ever increasing disruption from electro-magnetic pollution, it is very normal to find it hard to “meditate” in the traditional way as our nervous system is constantly being bombarded. 

As humanity evolves, new and efficient ways of doing things are being developed to adapt to our needs. In the 21st century, we may well benefit from a synergistic approach to synchronise our hemispheres and experience a deep meditation pleasurably.

We are all literally made of sound. At the sub-atomic level everything is frequency. That understanding is also what Bioresonance (medical device from Germany) and many healing technologies are based on.

Modern consciousness studies have shown us how thoughts, words and sound change the physical world, such as lowering crime rate, changing molecular structure of water (and we are 70% water and the planet is also), and our cells.

Sound, light, thoughts and intention are found to directly affect our DNA expression. When we do visualisation our inner eye in the pineal is set in motion.

In this session you will be led through a meditative and multi-media journey with nature sound, the grounding sound vibrations of Tibetan/Himalayan singing bowls, supplemented by the angelic and pure tones of crystal singing bowls, specific words and focused intention to assist you to be in a higher and more harmonious state than your everyday consciousness, where healing and “upgrade” on multi-dimensions can take place. In the background is natural aroma that directly impacts our limbic brain that regulates our nervous system and emotional processing responses.  

Door opens 15 mins before class starts and stays open for 15 mins to help you process your experience or ask questions.

Every Session is Different

You will have a different experience every time. At the beginning of the session you can let Anita know if you have any intention for the practice and she will include that into the guided meditation. The exact meditation comes through intuitively at the moment based on what is best for the group. The energy of the time based on planetary movements (as above so below in our electro-magnetic universe) and what is happening in the world also determines what is included in the meditative group healing. 

If you choose to join online, there is an option to join for free - so you can try it at no risk. 

Common Questions:

1. What is the sound quality like through the internet?
  • We use high fidelity equipment to ensure we capture quality of sound vibration from the instrument as well as facilitator’s verbal guidance specifically.
  • Having good speakers and good internet connection would of course make a big difference in your experience.
  • Scroll lower to read about using Zoom for this session.
2. Will I fall asleep and miss out all the guided meditation and consciousness clearing suggestions?
  • Some people do fall asleep quickly and are surprised how rested they can feel with such a short amount of time. Most go in and out of wake and sleep state. This is a very ideal state for taking in positive hypnotic suggestions. Trust that whatever your nervous system and your body decides to do is what you need at the moment and you will still benefit.


"I have been to other sound baths before which I have enjoyed too. But getting the transformative experience with Anita’s guided meditation TOGETHER with the sound bath totally raised it to another level I never experienced before… I can’t believe all happened under one hour!"

Senior corporate attorney"

"Highly recommended. Not only did I enjoy the celestial sound of the bowls, with the combination of the guided meditation, I experienced a deep transformational shift & healing from cellular to soul level, and I am filled with sustained ease & joy."

business consultant, entrepreneur

Sinead Corrigan

“Anita’s ability to “hold space” (even from across the world!) is profound…Anita’s healing facilitation is full of love, smooth and empowering. Her guidance and facilitation has allowed me to begin to see myself in a whole new way…THANK YOU ANITA – you are a rare gift to the healing world!”

Acupuncturist, yoga and Taichi Instructor


Facilitated by:

Anita S K Cheung


Anita Cheung, our founder and experienced Multi-Dimensional Healing Facilitator is known for her continuous innovation and integration of modalities that support human potential development. She will be leading a guided meditation over the harmonics of sound vibrations, facilitating quick and marked synchronisation of brain waves and heart-brain coherence (which has been tested with our progressive equipment).

In this state you can easily release old patterns, limiting beliefs and set your intention for what you want to create much more effectively.

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Important Note to get the best out of your experience:
A. Using Zoom:
  1. Download from to install the software for free if you do not have to already. Test it by using it with someone to ensure you know how to mute/unmute yourself, turn on/off camera and test the volume and speaker
  2. On the day, make sure you have good internet connection. You may want to save bandwidth and switch off any connection that is not necessary. 
  3. Use headset for better experience, although it’s optional. A good set of speaker can work well just as well if not better.
 Zoom Registration Process

After you have registered please will confirm your registration. Closer to the session you will receive a link to join the session. 

B. Preparing yourself and your space:

Switch off your phone and reduce electro-magnetic pollution as much as you can.  Join only if you can dedicate the time to yourself in a quiet and safe space where you can fully relax. (Do not join with your TV on. Do not tune in if you are driving. Do not join if you cannot have to rush off before the session is up.)

You need an area where you can lie down comfortably by yourself or sit with back support. If you are lying down on the floor, have a yoga mat (or two) laid out, and something that can keep your whole body warm while you are relaxing (think corpse pose at the end of yoga). 

If you wish you can diffuse essential oils, surround yourself with your favourite crystals….anyway to create a sacred and healing space!

C. Processing your experience after:

You can choose to schedule additional time such as 15-20 mins after the session to process the experience, draw, write any insight down, or simple enjoy your bliss and peace. 

Prefer a Personalised Healing Session for more privacy and customisation or a bespoke Group Experience?

Contact us to discuss your needs. 

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