Curriculum for Multi-Dimensional Upgrade

Do you want to….

  • become the best version of you?
  • increase your resilience to uncertainties?
  • experience profound healing and find the root causes of recurring challenges?
  • activate your dormant potentials such as intuition and direct knowing?

If your life depends on your awareness of your inner space, would you pay more attention to it?

You will know what is in your unseen blueprint by looking at how your life is now and what you are experiencing most of the time.

How often do you check in with yourself to see how you are feeling and what you are sensing? Studies have shown that people who do perform considerably better.

Dr. David Hawkin, MD, psychiatrist and pioneer in the study of human consciousness and evolution is one of modern day’s greatest teachers and researcher on human consciousness. His main contribution is the calibration of human consciousness level, showing us a clear path for our consciousness evolution. As we evolve, our life upgrades, and our world also upgrades as a result –

We have learnt from ancient wisdom and Dr Hawkin’s work that our life experience is directly given by our level of consciousness because the subject and object are not separate, as we understand from quantum physics. Our inner space forms our “attractor fields”. It means WE have the power to create our personal future, as well as the collective future of humanity. (And it only takes a minority of humanity to create the upward pull for all of humanity.)  Since Dr Hawkin, other development in psychology and personal development has further inspired us. 


Informed and inspired by pioneering work in personal development, systemic work, neuroscience, somatic psychology and spiritual science of our time (but without any religious affiliation), this programme is first of its kind, a synthesis of insight and experience gleaned from years of personal and professional practice.

Last Free Talk: 8th Sep or recording

Course Creator and Facilitator:

Anita S K Cheung is a multi-certified personal development facilitator and integrative healing practitioner, a systemic thinker and a modern mystic who has continually built bridges between East and West, between ancient and modern, between left brain and right brain, between scientific understanding and direct knowing.


Anita’s professional training includes modalities that span across all 6 levels of the body (see below chart), including but not limited to: nutrition, aromatherapy, bioresonance, hypnosis, NLP,systemic work for family and organisation, various modalities of energy medicine, sound healing, and various somatic and transpersonal practices such as breathwork.


Anita has been recognised as one of the 67 inspiring Hong Kong resident citizen in the global Those Who Inspire project.


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This programme has been designed with consistent practice within a structure in mind. Many of us "know" what we need to do consistently. Or you may be open to learning more. 

THe programme has also been designed with common pitfalls in mind for spiritual seekers and has been carefully thought out to be truly comprehensive, experiential and effective, not bypassing any important aspect on the path of self mastery, such as actually FEELING. 

Each week after the first, we will work with one level out of a total of 17 levels of consciousness based on Dr Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness. Alongside that, each week we will cover other topics relevant to your Inner Transformation (and integration), and include exercises that are healing and support the honing of your intuition and deeper knowing. 

  • - What is Consciousness and how is that relevant to you and everything?
  • - Consciousness clearing – “empty the cup” in order to welcome in something
  • - The spiral path of growth
  • - Dimensional shift and consciousness ascension
  • - 6 Levels of Healing application
  • - Why we need each other to heal
  • - Dr David Hawkin’s integral consciousness work made easy to understand with lots of practical examples
  • - Progressively work through Dr Hawkin’s 17 levels of consciousness
  • - Transmute the lower states into fuel for consciousness ascension
  • - Boundaries and co-dependency
  • - Discovering our Shadow self and its hidden power
  • - Retrieve and Heal our Inner Child
  • - Re-establishing trust and healing relational wounds
  • - Understanding Trauma and how they affect us
  • -- Heal Trauma by coming back to the body and sensations
  • - 5 elements and our evolution 
  • - Anchoring into the “Power” states – the life giving and self actualizing states
  • - Embodiment of self compassion
  • - How to measure consciousness of ourselves and of anything we encounter (e.g. institution, book, people….)
  • - The Holographic nature of everything and why that matters
  • - Successful Manifestation 
  • -How to unlock our intuitive knowing?
  • - Learn to use the pendulum or other tools to communicate with your higher self with confidence
  • - How to be aligned with your life purpose?
  • - Assessment of consciousness shift before and after the course
  • - Resources for ongoing development



  • Weekly Zoom meeting with discussion and experiential learning of course materials
  • Mini hypnosis and reprogramming/consciousness healing in all Zoom sessions
  • Mini systemic constellation exercises in most sessions
  • Weekly suggested homework for self-inquiry, contemplation and practice
  • Members’ only area to access course materials and access recording of live sessions
  • Each participant will have a buddy for accountability and support – what you practice consistently is as important as attending the weekly call with willingness and intent
  • Optional mid-week check in call
  • 9 to 18 online Healing Breathwork Journeys (or other experiences) are included in your programme (on other days of the week – scheduled to be finalized according to your schedule) – this is to accelerate your progress

Other optional supportive activities are onsite(@iLivingHK) Healing Breathwork Journeys (on-site or online) Sound Healing with Meditation, and other online or on-site activities to be announced.


Somatic-based activities are designed to reset your body’s memory, release deep seated unresolved memories stored in the body, and to support you to EMBODY your new wisdom, bring what you know in the head to your heart and the body-mind.

Sound Bath with Guided Meditation

  • Meditate effortlessly.
  • Deeply soothing and restorative
  • Expand your capacity to process your past, reprogramme the subconscious, receive higher insight insight.
  • Zoom sessions delivered with high fidelity or attend onsite if accessible to you
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Guided Healing Breathwork Journey

  • Reset your breath your fundamental resource .
  • Develop breath and somatic awareness.
  • Shift into altered states and accelerate emotional healing like no other modality can do in same amount of time.
  • Guided deeply transformative experience
  • Available weekly
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Systemic Transformational Workshops

  • Look beneath the surface
  • Heal family system and collective trauma
  • Develop intuitive knowing
  • Gain understanding and insight few other methods can provide in same amount of time
  • Available on demand
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1 on 1 Healing & Coaching with Anita

  • Receive customised support to work on specific areas of your choice
  • Schedule your own timing
  • Deepen your healing
  • Experience modalities other than Breathwork and Sound Meditation
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Programme Time Duration:

9 weeks x 2 parts
Friday evening 8pm – 10pm (HK time)

Last Preparatory session: 8th Sept 

Part I – transmute
4th Sept – 16th Oct, 2020

Setting the context (most important)
Heal, release and stop spiraling down by working through the first 8 states of consciousness – states that are depleting and weakening
Coming back to the body and the senses, turning knowing to embodiment
Reprogramme and transmute the lower states into fuel for consciousness ascension
Start developing intuitive knowing*

*Dr Hawkins has observed that people operating under level 200 in consciousness has difficulty getting accurate results when performing kinesiology test. As such healing oneself from the weaker/forceful states of consciousness not only improves health and our life experience, it also improves our connection to our innate intuitive knowing.

Part II – spiral up
23rd Oct – 18th Dec, 2020

Anchor fully in courage and neutrality

Activate and become confident in intuitive knowing

Ascending towards wisdom, love, joy and peace

Activate seeds of enlightenment

Practice embodiment

Probable Outcome

With the support of a structure in 18 weeks and your intention, and a group of like-minded open-hearted people sharing similar goals, it would be easier for you to learn, to take consistent action, to practise, as you continuously get inspired, expand your mind and heart. This way you can anchor in higher level of consciousness with much accelerated pace. You will have resources that you can continuously return to way beyond the programme.

Teachings from ancient sages, modern mystics such as Dr Hawkins (and course creator Anita herself) attested that higher baseline consciousness can express in improved health and vitality, manifest increasing desirable synchronicities, more acceptance and appreciation for yourself and others, cultivate resilience and positive emotional states, empowered and clearer mental states, a lasting sense of joy and peace, and overall alignment for your whole being.

As within, so without. As we shift from the inside and build the inner structure that is aligned with who we are meant to be, our life will inevitably improve with increased fulfilment, ease and grace. By being your best and truest self, you naturally shift how others behave towards you and your world shows up for you.

Programme Cost

All programmes include:

  • weekly Zoom sessions with group healing & coaching, recording and lifetime access
  • weekly homework
  • regular live or online Healing Breathwork Journeys
  • With the exception of the Basic programme (designed for participants not living in Hong Kong), all include HK3000 credits for you to join Live sessions at iLiving.
  • Refer to the Packages below for details on inclusions. We have considered the current COVID situations and made the programme very affordable.
Inclusions Value
Fast Track
Premium Executive Standard Basic
  • Weekly Zoom call group healing & coaching
  • Recording of Zoom call
  • Weekly notes and inner work
  • Life Time access
600 x 18 =
  • Weekly Live Online Healing Breathwork with Anita (or equivalent sessions such as Sound Meditation)
288 each 18 18 18 18 9
  • 90-minute Integrative Healing + Coaching with Anita
(Package of
8, 4 or 2)
8 4 2
  • Credits for use on in-person or Zoom supportive activities

Total Value   $38984 $28984 $23984  $19704 $ 14112
Average Weekly Cost   $1222 $777 $555 $444 $333
Total to pay   $22003 $13985 $9982 $8000 $5998
Savings   43.56% 51.75% 58.38% 59.4% 57.5%
Not sure if you can commit to the entire programme? Contact us to sign up with a WEEKLY PASS at HK600 to access the course and one supportive activity a week. You can still catch up to Week One which just started last week. 

Payment plan is available for signing up to the full programme with a small service charge through Paypal or some banks.
Alternatively you may contact your credit card issuing bank for interest-free installment plan.
If you do not live in Hong Kong but would like to have a package of 1-on-1 healing together with the Basic plan, let us know. We can work something out with you.
We do not want the cost to be a barrier for anyone to benefit from this life-changing programme. If you would like to contribute to scholarship to someone to take this programme, please contact us. Thank you for your generosity!

Starting Sept 2020, Live sessions of (90 mins) Healing Breathwork Journey is to be raised to HK444 per session. Class size will be no more than 6.
Live sessions of (45 mins) Sound Bath & Guided Meditation will remain at HK222. Class size will be no more than 8.
We will continue to adapt to changing situations in our offering of live or online sessions. Online session pricing will be lower (starting Sept 2020) and will be announced later.

What It's Like to Work with Anita

Jennifer Lee

The first time I met Anita, I immediately felt a sense of security – someone I know I can rely on to work with me, on me. I love the gentle, but yet firm approach Anita took which led me to discover a lot about myself (and I thought I knew about myself)…Anita, your beautiful soul will always be my beacon!

Partner of legal firm


Satoko Gibbs

Anita’s workshop was enlightening, thought-provoking, invigorating, restorative and fun all at the same time!...I can also can see Anita is living her life mission in offering her work rather than for commercial purpose. I appreciate her gift to the world.

Executive Coach

Hong Kong

Lakshmi Harilela

Anita is an intuitive healer; and her unique approach to healing is multi-faceted, meaning she targets issues that are buried deep in subconscious programming (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels); that is where real change happens…I would undeniably recommend Anita for those seeking true healing from within

Ayurvedic practitioner, chef and yoga instructor

Hong Kong

"When going outward does not work, it's the best time to go inward. Let's go together."

– Anita S K Cheung

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