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Do you want to:


Address the root causes of feeling “stuck” in life?
Have more energy and motivation?
Experience more inner peace?
Prepare yourself to find your ideal job?
Have a loving relationship?
Create your dream life?

You may have already tried coaching and different healing modalities. And yet you still notice repeated self defeating patterns and self sabotage behaviours? This workshop focuses on bringing back split-off parts of you and restoring your wholeness, so that your life works for you and you experience more ease and joy.


Why do we have “split” parts?

We do not consciously leave out a part of ourselves. But we do it to survive trauma and emotional pain, to maintain connection and to gain love and acceptance. Often the splitting starts from very early life and we continue to do it in our life. For example, we may have phases in our life that we are not proud of or in different ways are painful to us and we don’t want to remember them. And we did not fully process what happened. The more parts of ourselves we do not accept or include, the more we lose our vitality and life force, and the harder life becomes for us.

To heal is to become whole (again).

Format of the workshop

The workshop is interactive and experiential. You will be guided to use your body to access wisdom for yourself and each other. You will learn to resource yourself and you will be able to process trauma that happened even before you had cognition (and language).

Even if you have tried many other ways to help yourself (such as coaching, hypnosis, traditional therapy…), you will discover what you did not realise before and you will be able to shift something that has been pulling you back.

Group size is limited to approximately 8 persons.

The exercises are based on the approach of Systemic Constellation, known for being a powerful approach that cuts through the chase to the root of issues, and effect transformative shift, if facilitated skillfully and with integrity.


Anita S K Cheung is an award winning experienced multi-disciplinary healing practitioner. She is a compassionate and non-judgemental inter-disciplinary facilitator, coach and health practitioner.

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Maria Gutierrez

Anita is incredibly perceptive, compassionate, non-judgmental and truly ‘present’ in all her systemic constellations and healing facilitations. What else distinguishes Anita and makes her so effective is the combination of her wisdom and insight; her incorporation into each constellation of such other techniques as may be helpful to the process; and her uncanny ability to probe and identify the root of the issue….I have experienced profound changes after participating in workshops she has facilitated and attending private sessions. I would highly and unequivocally recommend Anita!

Senior Corporate Attorney

Lakshmi Harilela

I highly recommend Anita for those seeking true healing. Over the years, Anita has helped me on various physical and non-physical issues with her multifaceted approach combining physical, emotional,  mental and spiritual healing… Most importantly Anita has the capacity to hold a compassionate and non-judgemental healing space and it’s a rare find in the healing world. I think it comes from her having done her own inner work.

Food Photographer

Alexandra Yung

I have participated in many personal development work throughout the years, and I have found Systemic Constellation to be a very powerful modality that cuts through the chase and effect deep healing within myself and also how people close to me behave towards me. What I particularly like about Anita’s approach is her wisdom and how she can intuitively sense what is best for the individual. She draws from a whole arsenal of tools and uses integrated healing processes to give what is needed at the time. I have experienced profound and immediate shifts every time I work with Anita.

Art Investment Consultant

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Energy Exchange

Every participant will experience their own processes focused on self integration. The workshop will end with a short guided breathwork. (Read more here about breathwork for healing) If you would like to book for your own full “deep dive” Constellation case (60-90 mins) on any topic of your choice, please inquire with us as we will only accommodate ONE case in this workshop.

6th Nov. (Sat) 2:30pm - 6:30pm



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