Do you see crisis as opportunity....

for your growth? 

iLiving Academy is a natural extension of our pioneering work in enabling -

  • wellbeing

  • transformation

  • experiential learning

In Hong Kong we are a boutique wellness practice know as iLivingHK, working with an international audience since 2005, known for the depth and width of what we offer. 

From our ancient cultural roots and often intensely high-speed lifestyle, we have always been stretching our holding space for understanding, tolerance, resilience and capacity to bridge differences and make connections.

We see healing as being about re-establising CONNECTION - 

connection with self and connection with others and the environment...

We feel this is what our world needs more of now than ever. This is why in 2020 we decided to step up and expand our offerings beyond our home in Hong Kong.



Anita S K Cheung is an inter-disciplinary practitioner with a unique and comprehensive approach to healing and transformation facilitation, known for both depth and width in how she works and enabling immediate results. 

She has been curating innovative and integrative mind-body experiences and healing processes since 2005. 

Anita and iLivingHK has been working with a culturally diverse clientale, individuals who are open to growth, often in leadership positions and/or those seeking to align with their authentic purpose.

Anita has been recognised as one of the 67 inspiring Hong Kong resident citizens in the global Those Who Inspire project.

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Resource  :  Heal  :  Transform

Mind Body Experiences

Be soothed, resourced, inspired & healed with a variety of online and in person experiences…flexible pricing

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Healing & Coaching

Receive personalized support to resource, equip and accelerate your healing and transformation

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Soul Level Alignment

knowing yourself at the soul level will finally help you realise you do not need to “fit in” anymore!

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What Our Clients Say

Maria Gutierrez

"Working with Anita has been life changing on many levels for me. She is an exceptionally gifted healing professional who has found her calling...She is incredibly perceptive, compassionate, non-judgmental and truly ‘present’…Her wisdom and insight enable her to see beyond the surface, and when combined with the innovative use of various techniques, allow the root cause of an issue to be addressed quickly and profound shifts to occur."

Senior Corporate Attorney

Hong Kong

Suzanne S

"I already had an abundant mindset but something was just missing. With Anita’s wisdom and perceptiveness, and the many tools she used, I finally nailed the core issues…10 days after our session, I closed a 2 mil Euro deal naturally and almost effortlessly, much quicker than I even dared to expect!"

Business Consultant, Entrepreneur


Dr Sinead Corrigan

“Anita’s ability to “hold space” (even from across the world!) is profound…Anita’s healing facilitation is full of love, smooth and empowering. Her guidance and facilitation has allowed me to begin to see myself in a whole new way…THANK YOU ANITA – you are a rare gift to the healing world!”  

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist, Yoga and Qigong Instructor


A new heaven” is the emergence of a transformed state of human consciousness, and “a new earth” is its reflection in the physical realm.

– Eckhart Tolle

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