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Consciousness Field or “Soul”

Up until the 17th century, electricity and magnetism were described in terms of “soul” because they stretch out invisibly and are capable of acting from long distance.

Consider “soul” as the organising and life giving principle behind living systems.

The living and self organising consciousness field is a dynamic, living depository, an information field. Developmental biologist Rupert Sheldrake calls the field “morphic field”, a broader term extended from “morphogenetic field” -  the information field that contains the information that instructs the seed of an oak tree to grow into an oak tree and not any other tree.

Bert Hellinger, German philosopher and therapist, founder of the Family and Systemic Constellation method calls the field the “Knowing Field”, and the Systemic Constellation method is also applied in accessing information and wisdom from the organisational and societal field, as well as facilitating learning for the witness.

Applied kinesiology works with the innate intelligence of the information field of the human system to restore balance.

Akashic record reading is an esoteric practice of accessing the dynamic records of the human “soul” to facilitate realisation and healing. But really the way we do it we see it as Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Field Reading, and Healing Facilitation. 

" When there is the thought or the activity of the body in any particular environ, this very activity makes for the impressions upon the soul...As to the records made by such an activity, these are written upon what is known as time or space."

Edgar Cayce

Know Yourself at the Soul Level

About 20-25% of the incarnated souls living in on our planet now do not originate from here... (If you have read this far, you are likely to be in this group!)

If you find yourself drawn to spiritual subjects and have often felt not fully “understood” here, knowing yourself at the soul level will finally help you realise you do not need to “fit in” anymore! (Because you are likely meant to "lead" and show the way to a better future...!)


And among this group, there are over 20 types and they all have their unique characteristics and gifts. You can know yourself at the deepest level, remember why you came here, reclaim your gifts, align yourself with your LIFE PURPOSE with our Comprehensive Soul Profiling service. You will understand why you have attracted certain types of experiences as part of your training, your main soul lesson, your progress so far and guidance to your next phase of development and a more aligned and effortless way of expressing your purpose. 

And going beyond “soul reading” or traditional akashic record reading, you can experience deep and thorough healing facilitations on ALL levels of your multi-dimensional body.

The sessions provide deep layers of insight into subtleties of the psyche, but in a way unlike anything I’ve experienced in modern psychology. As a Chinese Medicine clinician with a focus on Preventative Health, I feel Anita’s work plays an important role in the future of medicine, which includes mind-body awareness and conscious habit reprogramming. And I really appreciate that there is homework / intentional “work” on my end, as this is the real medicine. I am so grateful to have Anita as a guide and a source of wisdom. It is a rare skill to be able to show someone their challenges while simultaneously helping them to feel safe.

Dr Sinead Corrigan

I was stunned and kept nodding my head in my session as I listened to Anita describing me at a very deep level, down to the ages where I had trauma, and even recurring challenges Ilife after life. It opened my eyes and helped me make sense of the chronic symptoms I have been having. I’ve always wanted to feel more grounded and balanced, have more confidence and self love. The session has given me concrete help in doing just that. I noticed my physical symptoms have lessened as well and I know I am on the right track. The session really exceeded my expectation and helped me open a new chapter in my life. Thank you so much Anita!

Joyce Lam

About the Soul Profiling:

I've done a lot personality profiling and they have been helpful in different ways. But doing the Soul Profiling with Anita has taken my self understanding to a much deeper level. I feel like "coming home" to myself.

About the Soul Reading and Healing:

I am amazed at the accuracy and relevance of what Anita has found in her reading about my blocks and restrictions. The processes Anita did with me were hard to explain but very powerful. I could literally feel negative energies leaving my body. Everyday when I do the homework Anita gave me, I go deeper in releasing my limitations. There has been some permanent shifts since. 

And the latest result is that I have met my life partner now and have created a new loving partnership that I have never experienced in my life before. 


Bessie Ho

The Soul RealisationTM path:

Our 6-Dimensional Model

The goal of working from the highest level (Spiritual) with the Soul Realisation™ is to integrate our soul and our personality, and to express in our physical reality our highest potentials from the soul level. This we believe is the most fulfilling, heroic and joyous path there is……

The Soul RealisationTM path:

Our 6-Dimensional Model

The goal of working from the highest level (Spiritual) with the Soul Realisation™ is to integrate our soul and our personality, and to express in our physical reality our highest potentials from the soul level. This we believe is the most fulfilling, heroic and joyous path there is……

The first TWO steps are taken in sequence within a month or months as you wish. 

The other steps can be taken if you need deepening support. You may also come to our group healing sessions to further integrate and discover. 

Can you do something about what you find out?

Definitely! And that’s the whole point of it!

With Comprehensive Soul Reading & Healing, multiple healing intervention methods will be employed, and you will be supported to clarify your intention for your best life, release outdatedprogrammes, limiting agreements, negative intentions, thought forms, and any other blocks and restrictionsto your soul blueprint found, heal your energetic boundaries, and to consciously exercise your creative power to manifest your desired life.The main reason for bringing what is not conscious to conscious level is to stop lettingwhat is below conscious level rule your life and limit your authentic self expression.

You will join the dots to your recurrent challenges by the insight you receive in the session.

What’s unique about our approach?

We go beyond "akashic records reading". Anita’s broad background in healing modalities has informed her unique comprehensive approach in actually clearing what no longer serves and helping you to integrate the work on all levels. You will also be given “homework” to do for a few minutes a day supporting you to take new actions and anchor into your new and higher reality. This is a very important aspect of this deep work.

It’s important to note that the intention in accessing the records has direct effect on the type and quality of information obtained. What and how the questions are asked and interpretation is made is key in empowering you or disempowering you.

Most of the research work is done before you meet Anita. In the live session you will hear the findings, interpretation, you will process what needs to be processed and released with Anita's integrative healing facilitation. Then you do the homework in your own timing.

After Steps 1 & 2, or along side, you are recommended to take advantage of regular group healing facilitation such as Anita's signature Breathwork Plus and Systemic Constellation, which are potent experiences that facilitate accelerated growth and healing. Schedule here >>

To fully realise our soul potential, we need to have the foundation of a highly nervous system and body. We also provide that support for you to take the guesswork out with Bioresonance Health Consultation, so you can take specific actions that suit the unique YOU. 

You may also continue to see Anita for private healing and coaching to deepen your realisation from Steps 1 & 2. (Steps 3, 4 & 5)

About Anita S K Cheung creator of the Soul Realisation™approach…

Anita is a multi-disciplinary life-long learner, one of the 67 Those Who Inspire Hong Kong residents, a specialist in transformation. She has created the 6-Dimensional Body approach to wellness and healing which her progressive wellness centre iLiving practices.

Anita has studied and been practicing multiple personal development modalities covering all the levels of the human “body”, ranging from physical (e.g. nutrition, breathwork), biophysical or subtle physical (e.g. Bioresonance, sound healing), emotional (e.g. EFT, trauma release breathwork), mental (e.g. hypnosis, coaching), collective (e.g. systemic constellation) to spiritual (e.g. Spiritual Response Therapy, akashic record reading, etc)

At a young age, Anita has found herself to have intuitive inner vision. She did not know it was a kind of clairvoyance that could be developed. While it was eventually forgotton, many years later from her self development and practice as a holistic health practitioner, her sensitivities developed into claircognizance (intuitive knowing) and clairsentience (intuitive sensing) that she continues to apply for healing and guidance her clients. As a skilled facilitator of the Systemic Constellation method which is somatic and intuitive, she also encourages her clients to develop their trust in their own inner power and knowing. 

Read more about Anita

While we can do a lot by working on the belief level with many popular modalities, the emotional level and (of course) the physical level, I have found that at some point, we will have to address the soul level, as that is the Source of who we are. It's about our purpose, alignment, and a whole unseen world that is informing and influencing us and how we make our choices and creating results in our life.

-Anita S K Cheung

After doing my Soul reading and healing, I decided it would be good to do one for my teenage daughter. The session has helped us to see her uniqueness and help her to know herself better and express it. I was also surprised the negative emotions she did not express and helped her find outlet. Knowing how she perceives and expresses and how it may be different from others in the family is invaluable.

She has more confidence, happier and she expresses herself more joyfully now. And there is more harmony in the house now. I also use the findings to remind and encourage her when she is out of alignment.

– Juliana Shin

Types of Sessions & Cost

Description Includes Total Time Required Client Session Time Price
Initial SPA (with Comprehensive Soul Profiling)

Or second SPA (with deeper insights from initial session)
Soul characteristics (and origination)
Soul gifts
Soul’s dysfunctional aspects when misaligned
Current level of consciousness
Blocks to fulfilment and flow
Recurrent limiting thought forms
Corruption and damage in your soul field
Spirit guides
Past life karma carried over and limiting agreements, vows and curses
Soul mate and other relationship patterns
Clearing of blocks and limitations
Life theme
Energetic boundaries healing
Manifestation of new reality
3.5h approx.
With following up email
60-75 mins HK4125
(Value @HK$4687+ based on time required with 12% pre-launch discount)
Life Situation Reading Support in seeing life situation from higher perspective based on soul research finding
Clearing and healing processes
Manifestation of new reality
2.5h approx 50 - 60 mins HK2750
(Value @HK$3125+ based on time required with 12% pre-launch discount)
Property Clearing (require photos or video for best result)
Negative energy clearing
Geopathic Stress assessment and clearing
2h approx
(for under $1800 sqf)
30 mins initial
30 mins after
HK2500 (Every extra 500 sq ft additional HK$500)

Consciousness Field Work and Soul Realisation™ Pricing

Inclusions Comprehensive Soul Profiling Soul Realisation™ Initial Session ( Includes Comprehensive Soul Profiling ) Soul Realisation™ Deepening session Soul Realisation™ Maintenance session ( Existing ) Integrative Healing
Current level of Consciousness on Dr David Hawkin’s scale of consciousness If relevant, may include assessment of 6-dimensional body if relevant to determine best healing approach
Main Soul characteristics based on soul origination, soul gifts, energy streams; dysfunctional aspects when misaligned
Coaching on how to be more aligned with your original soul blueprint Included if Soul Reading has been done before
Further understanding on soul gifts, archetypes,soul trainings in between incarnations, cultures and lifetimes of significance to reclaim gifts, etc
Comprehensive research on Blocks and Restrictions to living in alignment with original soul blueprint, e.g, vows, contracts, inherited ancestral energies, implants, imprints, negative karma, self imposed constraints, attaching souls, negative thought forms, damage to energetic boundaries.......
Multi-dimensional field research specific to presenting topic or issue
Healing facilitation (may be using an integration of modalities that suit, e.g. aromatic emotional processing, energy healing, guided visualisation, conscious breath, somatic release and education,hypnotic regression... (Short processing maybe included if appropriate>
Checking progress of clearing and healing compared to previous session
Preparation time before live meeting (In person or on Zoom) and additional time for follow up email and customised homework (75 mins) (3 h) (3h) (approx. 2h) Not usually included unless required - to be determined with the client
Audio session recording and written summary
Consciousness field research before live meeting (In person or on Zoom) and written report, customised home work and email (1h required) (3h required) (3h required) (approx. ½h to 2hrequireddepending on request) Consciousness field research of approx.30 mins can be requested and will be included in the charge. No written report included.
Audio session recording and written summary For hypnosissessions, a recording for self hypnosis is included and total time usually requires2-2.5h For other sessions, a partial recording may be done on a case by case basis.
Total Time (including prep time and face time) and Cost Approx2 hrs
(Live session 50-60 mins)
Approx4.5 hrs
(Live session 90-100 min)
Approx4.5 hrs
(Live session 90-100 min)
1 h - 4 hrs
(Time required for prep varies. Shortest is 0.5 h prep & 0.5 h quick coaching call.)
1 h: HKD$1470 USD$184
1.25 hrs: HKD$1840 USD$230
1.5 hrs: HKD$2200 USD$275
2 hrs: HKD$2760 USD$345
2.5 hrs: HKD3450 USD$431
3 h: HKD$4140 USD$518
Charged by actual time used: 1 hr HKD$1470 USD$184
1.25 hrs: HKD$1840 USD$230
1.5 hrs: HKD$2200 USD$275
2 hrs: HKD$2760 USD$345
2.5 hrs: HKD3450 USD$431
3 h: HKD$4140 USD$518

For Consciousness Field research and clearing/healing on your property, land, office, organisation, animal, please inquire with a brief description of the issue, we can suggest what we can offer and cost based on time required.
Pay by instalment: If you would like to pay by instalment, most credit card issuing banks can arrange.
Introductory offer:
10% on all Comprehensive Soul Realisation related services until end March 2021

What is the investment?

Per HOUR rate :  HKD$1470 | USD$189

Step 01:

Comprehensive Soul Profiling

Total hours (prep + live): 2.5h

HKD3675 | USD472.5

Step 02:

Soul Realisation™ Blocks & Restrictions Healing

Total hours (prep + live): 2.5h

HKD3675 | USD472.5

Step 03:

Soul Realisation™ Life Purpose Alignment

Total hours (prep + live): 2.5h

HKD3675 | USD472.5

Step 04:

Soul Realisation™ Maintenance Coaching

Total hours (prep + live): starts from 1h

Starts from
HKD1470 | USD472.5

Step 05:

Soul Realisation™ Situational Healing

Total hours (prep + live) varies and to be agreed before session

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"If deep down you know you did not come here just to go to work, reproduce, pay rent, and then die, then you have started your awakening."

- Anita S K Cheung

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