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What is Systemic Work and (Family) Constellation?

Systemic Constellation is a powerful and elegant tool to make deep enquiry into any living systems, including relational living systems such as family (the first system we belong to), organisation, and society, and then to restore the flow of life force through the living systems – similar to what acupuncture does to a living body, which is also a living system.

Even without the “constellation” method, simply shifting into a “systemic” approach to look at the issue is already powerful as it shifts our perspective to see the whole which is not the same as the sum of the parts, thus “systemic work”.

A "problem" is often the "solution" given by the higher system. 

The term “systemic constellation” originates from “family constellation” which is a form of family therapy first developed by the German psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger in the late 1980s, which he used to resolve issues not resolvable through conventional reductionistic psychotherapy.

Since then the method has continued to be further developed with widening application to ANY living systems, including business systems, non-profit organisations, societies...


What does “Constellation” mean?

The word “constellation” came from German “familienaufstellung” (literally “family constellation”). It means a set up or installation, referring to the process of making what is hidden visible in 3-dimensional space, with the use of human representatives or objects representing people, elements and concepts in the system that is being looked at from a higher systemic perspective.

What kind of issues can Systemic or Family Constellation help solve?

Some examples

  • Relationship challenges
  • Restoring healthy order in the family system
  • Connecting with life purpose & passion
  • Self sabotage behaviours
  • Financial difficulties
  • Mood issues
  • Chronic health issues
  • Pet and children behaviours or health issues
  • Ending generational destructive patterns
  • Exploring business potentials
  • Challenges in business and/or teams
  • Hiring and other business decisions
  • Family business issues
  • Understanding of societal issues
  • Past life issues affecting present life
  • Self discovery (no “issues” needed)

In fact Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, has observed that at least 50% of the root cause of illnesses can be addressed with this method. (Our experience confirms it.) And physical illness is only one kind of challenge that systemic constellation can used for. 


“…Immediately after the constellation workshop I got a very attractive job offer with terms even better than I expected…Many challenging areas of my life just seem to effortlessly fall into place…” 

Sim Suen, Compliance Director


"After many relationship setbacks, I have almost lost my faith in finding a loving life partner. A few months after my last constellation where I saw my ideal partner standing in front of me, I met him and the feeling I got with him now is exactly like in that constellation. We are married now and I am very sure that experience contributed his happening for me."

L. H.


Systemic constellation is a powerful modality that can reveal a lot in a very short amount of time. And the experience and outcome of it can depend largely on the skills, awareness and attitude of the facilitator. Safety is very important. 

Use discernment in your decision in working with this modality with a facilitator you resonate with. 


Anita S K Cheung is a compassionate and non-judgemental inter-disciplinary facilitator, coach and health practitioner.

A systemic perspective is Anita's "natural" mode. Since a very young age, Anita has found her perspective to differ from that of her environment. She has always been interested in learning - philosophy, psychology, science and metaphysics, and most importantly, in seeing the connection, and seeing the parts in relation to the whole, and the "hidden". 

Anita created the systemic 6-dimensional approach healing and transformation model practised in iLiving that is proven to support people through holistic transformation across all dimensions of their being. 

Anita started coaching and health consulting professionally since 2005, following her personal transformation after resigning from her 13 years' career in the fashion industry and re-creating her career and life following her authentic life purpose. 

In terms of systemic and family constellation work, she has been trained globally with systemic work and family constellation masters operating in a wide spectrum of working styles.

Anita is informed in the current understanding in healing emotional trauma and she integrates techniques that improve the safety and effectiveness in her constellation work.

Anita's style of family and systemic constellation is free of melodrama or superstition, and is empowering and transformation focused.

Apart from healing family and relational trauma using the constellation method, Anita is also well trained in the application of the constellation in human and animal health, organisational health and in facilitating personal healing in relation to collective topics. 



Alexandra Yung

"I have participated in many personal development work throughout the years, and I have found Systemic Constellation to be a very powerful modality that cuts through the chase and effect deep healing within myself and also how people close to me behave towards me. What I particularly like about Anita’s approach (in group and private session which I have experienced) is her wisdom and how she can intuitively sense what is best for the individual. She draws from a whole arsenal of tools and uses integrated healing processes to give what is needed at the time. I have experienced profound and immediate shifts every time I work with Anita."

Art Investment Consultant

Daisy Chan

"I have participated in many Constellation workshops with very experienced facilitators. I like Anita’s style the most mainly because her interventions are to the point and often address the unexpected which makes them very powerful."

Business Owner

Emily Chen

"I have experienced family constellations with many experienced facilitators all over the world. Since it’s a such a powerful modality, it’s quite important to work with a facilitator who can maintain a high level of authenticity and neutrality. I like working with Anita because not only does she have the essential quality of a facilitator who can hold that space, her broad background in spirituality and her open and live-and-learn attitude allows her approach to be both broad and deep."

Doctor of Philosophy

Maria Gutierrez

"Anita is incredibly perceptive, compassionate, non-judgmental and truly ‘present’ in all her systemic constellations and healing facilitations. What else distinguishes Anita and makes her so effective is the combination of her wisdom and insight; her incorporation into each constellation of such other techniques as may be helpful to the process; and her uncanny ability to probe and identify the root of the issue….I have experienced profound changes after participating in workshops she has facilitated and attending private sessions. I would highly and unequivocally recommend Anita!"

Senior Corporate Attorney

Marija Petrović

"I came recommended by my coach. The workshop was an INCREDIBLE experience. I feel so much lighter and at the same time so much more grounded. And it was such an authentic and conscious community Anita and her team have created. I feel very safe and supported by all the participants who feel like family."

Life Coach

Angela Spaxman

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop which was very skillfully facilitated by Anita. Through witnessing and participating in the cases we worked on, I gained some very valuable insights, and deepened my ability to be with emotions and the sometimes really hard facts of life that affect us every day. The strength and clarity I gain each time I experience this approach helps me to look clearly at my own life’s path and calmly and compassionately support others as a coach. I especially valued Anita’s willingness to address the collective traumas that affect all of us although we rarely have the courage to face up to them. Being a part of this work in a group is very rewarding."

Senior Executive Coach



Inclusions Own Case Observe or Represent Mini Constellations Healing Breathwork for integration Cost
  • Own Deep Dive Case
60-90 mins with optional follow up call HK2222
  • Own short case
30-mins, suitable for business matters, with optional follow up call HK1222
  • Own snapshot
15-min quick look to any topic HK622
  • Non-case giving participation
N/A HK555 (or up – choose your price on check out)

Systemic Healing : Inner Child Healing

Make peace with the past and reclaim your joy, unique gifts and full aliveness

15th Jan. (Sat) 1:00pm - 6:00pm



Systemic Healing : Relationship Healing Mini Workshop

Discover your relationship blindspots, heal relational wounds, and start attracting and cultivating more nurturing and beneficial relationships in your personal and work life.

Coming Soon (Sat) 2:30pm - 6:30pm



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