"The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where
we started and know the place for the first time." - T.S. Eliot

Are you looking for a compassionate and impartial healing partner, guide, cheerleader, confidant, facilitator to realise your fullest potentials?

Is this You? 



  • your life is “okay” but deep down you know something is missing
  • you are tired of having the same issue recurring in your life (physical symptom or any challenge in your life)
  • you would like to have more authentic and meaningful relationships
  • you notice recurring emotions, self talk, and behavioural patterns that do not serve you anymore
  • you want to discover what may hold the key to your next level of development
  • you are in the leadership position and you know your organisation can be a honest mirror of what you have not resolved within yourself
  • you are in the helping profession too and you would like to be supported so you can continue to contribute to others (a healer needs to be healed)
“Many times in my life I had wished there were SOMEONE who could be my guide, my witness, someone who has been on a path similar to mine and could light the otherwise dark and unknown path for me.
After going through critical transformation many times in my life (personally and as a leader) and growing immensely in the process, I've realised I'm meant to be that person for my clients."
– Anita S K Cheung

Our Unique and Comprehensive Approach

Rarely do is our challenge originate from only one level of our multi-dimensional life.

Being trained in multiple disciplines that span across all the 6 dimensions, and taking both an analytical/logical and a holistic/systemic approach, Anita zooms in and zooms out with you to help you see more of your presenting issue.

Often by clarifying the question in the beginning helps you save years of seeking in the dark.


The 1st and 2nd levels are the gross physical and bio-physical levels. They provide the foundation for the higher level work we do to sustain, while the higher levels usually precedes the lower levels and are often where the root causes of the manifested imbalance or challenge.

As such, if your challenge has a physical component, Anita will also work with you together with our Bioresonance therapist to “zoom in” and offer you concrete recommendations such as dietary and lifestyle changes.

This model is NOT absolutely linear. All the dimensions of us are interconnected.

For example, the subconscious materials in our mental body (4th level) inform our emotional responses to our life experience and by default reinforce what we already believe (whether we are conscious of it or not). Traumatic memories (from our instinctual “freeze” response towards experiences that are overwhelming to our nervous system) stored in the “body-mind” (1st& 2nd levels) also inform our emotional responses to situations and reinforce them.

Healing intervention helps strengthen your internal resource, expand your capacity to process what has not been “stuck” in the living system (which also disrupt life force energy), and bring what is hidden to the surface.

Intergenerational and collective trauma memories (5th level) inform us subconsciously and are often surprising sources of root cause of the imbalances we experience in our life. This dimension is often not addressed by many healing and coaching practices, but this dimension is a very influential one we have found.

Another often missed dimension is how modern technology of convenience disrupt our electro-magnetic harmony (2nd level) and often contribute to pervasivedysfunction inall dimensions of the body, affecting our ability to deeply relax and restore, process daily sustenence as well as life experiences, and block off our innate ability to connect spiritually and being in the awareness of the bigger whole (level 6).

We strongly believe that a comprehensive healing and deeply transformative programme that supports maximum self actualisation need to include all the dimensions of our human experience and our information fields.

With long experience as a practicing healing and coaching professional, and with her personal transformative life experiences, Anita offers  unique facilitation for individuals who appreciate both depth and width in their expansion. 

What Others Say

Maria Gutierrez

Anita is an exceptionally gifted healing professional who has found her calling, which is to help people achieve their true potential – a blessing for her clients. She is incredibly perceptive, compassionate, non-judgmental and truly ‘present’…Her wisdom and insight enable her to see beyond the surface…Working with her has been life changing on many levels for me. I would highly recommend her.

senior corporate attorney

Hong Kong

Suzanne S

I already had an abundant mindset but something was just missing. With Anita’s wisdom and perceptiveness, and the tools she used, I finally nailed the core issues…10 days after our session, I closed a 2 mil Euro deal naturally and almost effortlessly, much quicker than I even dared to expect!

business consultant, entrepreneur


Sinead Corrigan

I had a great experience in the breathwork workshop in California. And since I came back to HK, I have been searching to do breathwork in HK again and I am so happy to experience group breathwork with Anita and her amazing team! The experience helped me to effectively release emotional tension, and the group environment encouraged me to let go even more. I have found breathwork to be particularly effective after family constellation to release deeper emotional block.

Acupuncturist, yoga and Taichi Instructor


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"True healing is a process of TRANSFORMATION on ALL dimensions of the being in which the 'symptom' (whatever that may be) is no longer necessary..."

- Anita S K Cheung

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