I take it to mean that when going outward is not an option,
it’s the best time to go inward. – Anita S K Cheung

I registered the domain name a few years ago when rebranding from our old company “i-Detox” that we operated from since 2008. I felt strongly humanity needed a new and better normal. We did not use that but domain and branding and instead went with “iLiving” because “New Normal”, I was advised, had “negative” connotation.

I feel it’s time for us to face the full spectrum of polarities from “positive” to “negative”. It’s time we realised it is actually by going through the “negative” that we can find the momentum of TRANSFORMATION, a force for us to SPIRAL UP. And this is critical when it’s so easy to “spiral down” when we are not conscious. Our work is about resourcing and inspiring, and making it easier to stay conscious in the critical transformation process.

About our founder Anita S K Cheung:


Anita S K Cheung is a multi-certified personal development facilitator and healing practitioner. She is a systemic thinker and a modern mystic who has continually built bridges between East and West, between ancient and modern, between left brain and right brain, between scientific understanding and direct knowing.

She typically works with a culturally diverse clientale, individuals who are open to growth, often in leadership positions and/or those seeking to align with their authentic purpose.

With a variety of modalities under her belt, she often supports her clients in having a completely new relationship with their past, and in transforming challenges and pain into their unique gift and source of strength.

Anita has been recognised as one of the 67 inspiring Hong Kong resident citizen in the global Those Who Inspire project.

Anita is a pioneer and visionary. Being a non-white female in a world traditionally biased towards white male, and through overcoming multiple challenges on her entrepreneurial journey, Anita learnt to transform what has pained her to more embodiment of wisdom and her life purpose of modelling a new kind of humanfor our times. (And it is what continuously inspires her.)

Anita is veracious learner and enjoys connecting life’s many puzzles to see the bigger picture and hidden patterns. Through the years she has dedicated at least 30% of time in her personal and professional development (and even more so in recent years). Her professional training includes modalities that span across all 6 levels of the body (see below chart), including but not limited to: nutrition, aromatherapy, bioresonance, hypnosis, NLP, systemic work for family and organisation, various modalities of energy medicine, sound healing, and various somatic practices such as yoga, and somatic and transpersonal modality such as breathwork.

She has continuously integrate and innovate to improve effectiveness, being in touch with evolutionary forces. She feels called to bring forth ever moreefficient and graceful healing and personal growth facilitation by working directly from the “ultimate Source”. She also feels it is part of her life purpose to empower more to do the same.

She founded and operates from iLivingHK, a progressive Hong Kong based healing and transformation practice with an award-winning health products store, with an international clientale. (iLivingHK was “i-Detox” in 2008-2018, providing nutritional and holistic urban detox and lifestyle transformation programme for busy Hong Kong people.) She’s also the creator of the comprehensive 6-Dimensional approach that she and her practice follow.

What Others Say

Maria Gutierrez

Anita is an exceptionally gifted healing professional who has found her calling, which is to help people achieve their true potential – a blessing for her clients. She is incredibly perceptive, compassionate, non-judgmental and truly ‘present’…Her wisdom and insight enable her to see beyond the surface…Working with her has been life changing on many levels for me. I would highly recommend her.

senior corporate attorney

Hong Kong

Suzanne S

I already had an abundant mindset but something was just missing. With Anita’s wisdom and perceptiveness, and the tools she used, I finally nailed the core issues…10 days after our session, I closed a 2 mil Euro deal naturally and almost effortlessly, much quicker than I even dared to expect!

business consultant, entrepreneur


Sinead Corrigan

I had a great experience in the breathwork workshop in California. And since I came back to HK, I have been searching to do breathwork in HK again and I am so happy to experience group breathwork with Anita and her amazing team! The experience helped me to effectively release emotional tension, and the group environment encouraged me to let go even more. I have found breathwork to be particularly effective after family constellation to release deeper emotional block.

Acupuncturist, yoga and Taichi Instructor


Inner Transformation group programme
1: 1 Coaching & Healing
Anita’s Personal Transformational Journey

"Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down…"

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