Guided Healing Breathwork Journey

Powerful Multi-Dimensional Healing


Breathwork PLUS…


Journey inward...expand your capacity to heal emotional and body level trauma....experience bliss and peace like never before...

Breath is your most powerful resource…

Let this session resource you to more effectively release and transform uncomfortable feelings and subconscious memories that has been weighing you down. Many have found this experience to transcend everyday consciousness state and to access what other forms of therapy do not reach.

This session is a synergistic combination of various techniques practiced in meaningful sequence:

  • Conscious breathing practice that supports one to breathe optimally in our daily life
  • Using conscious breath to support emotional and physical clearing
  • Breathwork practice based on connected circular breathing technique (similar to that of “Rebirthing” and “Holotropic” breathwork) supported by carefully curated music, guided hypnotic suggestions, and shamanic drumming
  • Clearing on the multi-dimensional consciousness levels
  • Somatic regulation
  • Energy healing and Qigong


Reported Benefits


  • Deep connection with one’s inner guidance and getting profound insights
  • Feeling physically energised and balanced
  • Experiencing emotional catharsis in a safe environment
  • Releasing long standing physical stiffness and pain
  • Experiencing non-ordinary states of consciousness - bliss and oneness that is transformational (without taking psychedelics)



Anita Cheung is an interdisciplinary health practitioner and transformation specialist, operating since 2005, and founder of iLiving (formerly i-Detox) Wellness centre in Hong Kong.

Being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), Anita has been sensitive to all sensory inputs since a young age – smell, sound, sights, touch & taste are all sources of joy and pleasure and can also be overwhelming. Working in fashion prior to becoming a healing practitioner has been satisfying to her interest in the “finer things in life”.  16 years after, Anita continues to be drawn to the “finer things in life” and what brings joy and pleasure. While she has studied and been trained in multiple wellness and transformational modalities, including Bioresonance (which is inaudible vibrational medicine), harmonising and transcendent vibrations from singing bowls, sacred music, as well as aromatics continue to be an important part of her healing tools and personal wellness resource.

She draws on a number of her favourite tools in delivering this popular experience offered in iLiving.

Anita created the unique 6-dimensional approach to total healing practised in iLiving.

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What Participants Say

Bessie Ho

"I have experienced private breathwork with another experienced practitioner before and the sessions were powerful. The experience with Anita in the group Healing Breathwork Journey with the music, drumming and her specific guidance has taken the experience to a whole new level."

Executive Financial Manager

Kate Padget-Koh

"I got to release some very deep trauma. And some physical pain that has been bothering me for a long time disappeared. I have been feeling light and amazing since. Added bonus: I no longer feel depressed watching the news!"

Artist & sustainability fashion consultant

Sim Suen

"I had my first experience of breathwork in a workshop in California. I am so happy to have found Anita and her amazing team offering this in Hong Kong! The experiences helped me to effectively release emotional tension, and the group environment encouraged me to let go even more."

Banking compliance director

Dr. Sinéad Corrigan, USA

Anita’s approach is the most potent, powerful, and multidimensional I have experienced worldwide

"And I have attended breathwork circles in San Francisco, LA, Tel Aviv etc. Anita has an artful ability to shift consciousness with her words, the music, and the class structure. It is very rare that I meet a person like her who is truly able to guide me to a “new place” inside my psyche on a regular basis, even in remote format. I find that after each class, I have new ideas, a release of emotion, and an overall greater clarity. I highly recommend Anita’s Breathwork Healing Journeys for personal and collective integration of pain, trauma, and conscious evolution."

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Yoga Instructor

Trevor Helms, USA

Anita’s Breathwork sessions always feel welcoming, safe and magical.

"The live music adds a special touch. After my first session, I reconnected more with my inner truth and desires and took action with what I had been procrastinating in my life. Amazing synchronicities started to happen and things fell into place in many positive ways. I also love that we all connect at the beginning of class and set our intentions for the new moon or the full moon, which always feels powerful. I highly recommend Anita's breathwork if you are looking to grow in a safe community of self-healers!"

Kate Padget-Koh

"I got to release some very deep trauma. And some physical pain that has been bothering me for a long time disappeared. I have been feeling light and amazing since. Added bonus: I no longer feel depressed watching the news!"

Artist & sustainability fashion consultant

What Else to Expect

This last 1/3 of the session is to support your integration of your breathwork healing with music and sound. It is a very important part of the whole practice.

When one is ready to, this session may help to release pre- post- natal and generally pre-verbal trauma which may be affecting us at our deepest core belief level, which often cannot be accessed by talk therapy and coaching alone. (e.g. an underlying expectation to "struggle", expectation to not have one's needs met, a default defensive state expecting a hostile environment, a default state of apathy and powerlessness and expectation to “fail”)

While one session can be life changing and transformative already, with regular practice, one can truly rewrite deeply held dysfunctional expectations about life on the most fundamental level.

Each session is a unique inner “journey”. Different layer of emotional trauma may come up each time. The intelligence of your nervous system decides what it is ready to release, when you are resourced and being held in safety.

Common Questions


Please note this experience can be potentially triggering (for transformative purposes) and is not recommended for those who are currently unable to function independently for any physical, mental or emotional reason.

We make no claims that this practice can replace any medical treatment or therapy as recommended by your trusted health practitioner and as taken on by yourself.

Journey Schedule

Held around New Moon and Full Moon monthly


<New Moon> Healing Breathwork & Sound Journey
90-min | In Person

December 4th, 2021 @ 16:15pm HKT>>


<New Moon> Healing Breathwork & Sound Journey
90-min | Online

December 4th, 2021 @ 16:15pm HKT>>

HK$111-333 (choose the amount on check out)

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